Purplecode was formed with the vision to provide start ups and SMEs in the region with access to expert HR services which may fall well outside the small business budget. We help you stay in your genius zone while we support the human resource functions.

Wealth Invent

Wealth Invent is an Advisory Enterprise established to invent unique private client offerings. The innovation comes from combining the expertise of the founders with the experience of the specialists and integrating it with the latest technology to bring about the best products in the most simplified form at the lowest costs.

Invoice Bazaar

Invoice Bazaar operating since 2016 is a Supply Chain Finance and Receivables Finance Platform helping Small and Mid-Sized companies with working capital. In May 2021, Invoice Bazaar was acquired by Triterras (Nasdaq:TRIT), a leading Fintech company in trade and trade finance.

PriceEarnings Capital

Headquarted in the Dubai International Financial Centre and regulated by DFSA, PriceEarnings Capital is a financial services organization offering services that include integrated asset management and specialist investment advisory.

Vaishaka Cynyma

Vaishaka Cynyma is the creator of a number of beloved motion pictures, as well as a major producer and distributor of filmed entertainment in the India’s highly competitive Southern Film Industry arena. Founded in 2003 by Mr. Rajan, the organisation has a strong presence in Mollywood and has captured the hearts of many cinema lovers through its Situated in the heart of God’s own country, Kerala, Vaishaka has some expertise in worldwide co-creation of appealing yet economically practical movies for wider audiences.

LaLa Land Farm Resort

Situated at the heart of Wayanad…naah. We ain’t gonna do that kinda cliche over here. This place is different. Here in La La Land, we’re not gonna make up something from the scratch or create an artificial nature. Quite ironic isn’t it. Cause we believe that if you want someone to get to know Wayand, the best way is to give it to them in all its pureness, rather than make up something that’s not real.


LeHomely is a free mobile app that allows you to easily find, buy, sell home-made agricultural / healthy and tasty food / hobby products from your mobile. LeHomely allows you to find or sell products within a radius of 1-10 km from where you have your mobile or where you choose.


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